MEN BEING RAPED : More of a myth than reality ?

Wondering about the title of the blog ? Well of course I know that in many countries Rape is not just a term used only for female’s being sexually assaulted, cause most of the countries laws are equal to both men and women. But sadly in India a male victim who has been raped is more of a joke even to his parents and friends in many cases. He can never openly express his pain as he will be the one in trouble if confesses that he was raped, he will be make fun off but firstly people will never even bother to listen to his grief.

Generally speaking, rape is a violent sexual act imposed on a nonconsenting partner that makes you question many things about yourself. But unfortunately as I mentioned in my title the mythology usually surrounding rape is that it only happens to women. But the fact is rape doesn’t happen to women, but men as well. It is the most misunderstood of all crimes, and specially when the victim is male, it is really hard to understand why it has happened. Infact when I first learned about what rape was, initially even I thought it was something that only happened to women that was brought on by a male. As we grow up, we don’t hear about men being raped, it was something unheard and unfamiliar. Due to this even if men are raped it is unreported resulting in male rape as one of the most under reported acts of violence.

It is really sad, when I see comments on social media on the posts of male rape that men who are sexually assaulted are not real men. From a very young age boys are told shouldn’t cry, should be brave, strong and tough and therefore it is understandable that experiences which leave some men feeling inadequate and ashamed. Being victimized in this way is certainly not an indication of a manliness or physical strength. It is very important to appreciate that the term rape or sexual assault is about the abuse of  power and control. It is true that power can be in the form of physical strength, but it can also be in the form of psychological control, emotional blackmail, abuse when incapacitated, coercion etc…

Another theory of people is that women cannot sexually assault a man. Again as I said in the above paragraph rape and sexual assault is not about physical strength but about the power and control. Adding to this many men never even consider themselves in a situation like rape or sexual assault by a women due which many men are likely to get freezed in that situation. Many rape cases are disclosed due to the fact that If a man sexually responds during rape, then it’s not really a rape. Sexual responses in men such as erection and ejaculation often occur during male rape, because this response is a mechanical one, and the only it shows is that the body is reacting in the way it is supposed to react to sexual stimulation. It is a near biological certainty that pressure on prostate gland will result in physical sexual response and it in any way doesn’t mean that the male victim has enjoyed it, and it certainly doesn’t stop the fact rape being a rape. It’s simply a reaction to which your body naturally responds. For example someone who doesn’t want to laugh, may laugh against their will whilst being tickled.

Over the years, male rape has been shown up in the film’s and television, opening the eyes of public viewers to something that has been but on the taboo list or back burner so to speak. The movie Aitraz is a perfect example for the situation of man in India who has been raped by a women. The film stars Akshay Kumar , Kareena Kapoor Khan and Priyanka Chopra as lead roles, where Akshay Kumar along with his wife fights a case in court of him being sexually assaulted by Priyanka Chopra. Yet after all these attempts of letting people know that rape doesn’t only happen to women but also men , the term Man being raped is sadly still a taboo in my country.

I end this blog of mine , hoping that it brings some difference among the people reading this, that BOYS ARE SUPPOSED TO LIKE IT is a misconception which still exists