Indian cuisine, a perfect blend of culture

Indian food is different from the rest of the world, not only in taste but also in cooking methods. It reflects the perfect blend of different cultures and backgrounds ages. Indian cuisine is one of the world’s most diverse cuisines. Characterized by its sophisticated and subtle use of many spices, vegetables, grains and fruits grown across India. The traditional food of India is widely appreciated also for its herbs. It is famous for its assortment of dishes.

The cooking style varies from region to region and is divided into south Indian and north indian dishes. India is quite famous for its diverse multi cuisine available in large number of restaurants and hotel resorts, which is reminiscent of unity in diversity. In the modern times Indian pallete has undergone a lot of changes. In last decade as a result of globalisation, a large number of Indian’s have travelled to different parts of the world and vice versa there has been  a massive influx of people of different nationalities in india. This has now resulted in the indianisation of various international cuisines. Nowadays people can find specialised food joints of international cuisines. Some of the famous Indian cuisine would be Bengali cuisine, Gujarati cuisine, kashmiri food, mughlai cuisine, Punjabi food, Rajasthani and south Indian.

Bengali cuisine

Gujarati cuisine

Kashmiri cuisine
Mughlai cuisine
Punjabi cuisine
Rajasthani cuisine

South indian cuisine
Indian food has been huge around the world, that’s because it has a historical rooting.The history of Indian food tells us that during the reign of the British Empire in India, the local cuisine was considered by the Europeans closely to what Gods taught of ambrosia: a delightful, heavenly and delicate dish.

we can easily say that, indian cuisine is closely related to the Indian history, each historical region developing a unique set of dishes, using diverse ingredients. However, a constant remains for all regions: the affinity for sweet desserts and spicy snacks. Besides being closely related to history, Indian cuisine is also strongly influenced by the Indian religion, Indian culture and traditions and the Indian people themselves.

If you can appreciate the facts behind the history of Indian food, the setting in which this great country’s cuisine was formed, the influences it took and the diversity it created, then you will surely appreciate one of their sweet desserts or one of their spicy snacks and appetizers. No other country has a wider selection of exotic dishes and no other country can offer such a large variety of impulses for your taste buds.

Gyanganj : The land which dwells immortals and is inaccessible

The imposing heights of snow capped Himalayas rising high above nestle some of the deepest secrets and mystery’s in the world which even now are unsolved or undiscovered. One such secret is the Gyanganj also knowns with many other names like siddhashram, shambala or shangri-la. This place is to be believed to exist somewhere in the remote Himalayas, in an isolated valley, hidden from the outside world holding the secret of immortality. Yes you heard it right !

According to some legends, Gyanganj is a kingdom inhabited by immortal beings that influence the world in subtle ways, whenever the world is in need of. It is believed that this celestial kingdom shapes the destiny of all. If your planning to reach this place, let me tell you that as per the legends only great saints and Yogi’s can find it by passing through psychic barriers and dimensions. People believe that this mysterious land artfully camouflages itself, so that it hides from the sight of the world as well as hiding from the mapping technologies, It is believed that gyanganj exists in a different plane of reality thus it cannot be detected by satellites.

It is said that gyanganj doesn’t belong to east or west, and is not the property of particular religion or culture. It is said to have its own independent basis and preserves the most important sacred and spiritual teachings of the world. For centuries many historians and explorers have been trying in vain to find gyanganj. But couldn’t.

In Buddhism, shambala is a term used for a pure land, it is considered as a place of eternal tranquility and happiness.

 The Dalai Lama said : Although those with special affiliation may actually be able to go there through their karmic connection, nevertheless it’s not a physical place that we can actually find. We can only say that it is a pure land  in the realm, and unless one has the merit and actual karmic association, one cannot arrive there.

Believers say that gyanganj defies death. Consciousness always remains alive in the enigmatic land as no death occurs. 

Everytime when I end a blog I have something to say at the end , but in this blog it’s a different scenario of mystery and curiosity. At some point I feel that gyanganj is just a belief that emerged in ancient Indian and tibet which eventually lived through generations, but in the other hand there are stories which are convincing enough to make me believe that a place like this might actually exist out there away from the sight of modern day man and world. What do you think ? 

Misandry : An invisible hatred against men in india

Misandry, i know many of you might be wondering what does this mean as it is used or very rarely referred any where. Misandry means dislike for or ingrained prejudice again male sex or men. Early in the morning when I read newspaper or in the mid morning hours when I surf on social media I see so many accusations on men raping women , hate speech etc.. which might me true in some cases and might not in some. I always wanted to refer to this topic since long time.

 Misandry prevailed in India’s history too, let me take an example from a story in Mahabharata, of a king named shantanu. 5000 years before now a king named shantanu married a beautiful women and that too only after agreeing to her condition that he would never ask any questions on her actions or deeds. She killed 7 of their newborns one after another. Poor shantanu couldn’t question her as per the promise. But he then finally questioned her on her attempt to kill the 8th child, to which she left him for breaking his promise. The epic tries to justify her actions, but never bothered or thinks of the abuse shantanu the man, neither as a father nor as a husband. This follows even to this day. Indian’s are never made to think about the anguish running in a man’s mind.

Nowadays it’s a trend in social media, women attach #killallmen #banmen #menaretrash etc.. to there posts and captions. Infact I was shocked when Priyanka Chopra one of the leading actress of Indian film fiternity made a statement  saying I don’t need a guy for anything except for children now just imagine if the same statement was made by a male star or any other man, whole of the nation would have gone bonkers thrashing him in every way possible.

In modern india, all good things development are considered due to the encouragement of women in public life and all the bad things and lethargic are due to the patriarchy of men and their attitude. Indian feminism has caught up largely in the 1980’s with the help of funding from the West, leading to a slew of laws created to haunt the Indian men to this very day. Moving on, Indian men are unaware of their own rights, a lot of them have not even imagined they can be raped. And those who know that or thought so, don’t know that they can’t fight for justice because the Indian government has restored the the term called rape in criminal law stating that only men can be booked for committing rape or offense against women, in short men don’t matter at all.

Other main culprits are the Indian media , movies, advertisements, movies,  reality shows and the most importantly the news channels promoting the idea that women have been oppressed in some or the other way and now it’s time for women to take revenge on these rapist patriarchal misogynist Indian men. When a women a files a accusation on a man that she was raped, the news goes on for weeks, but when the accusations turns out to be false, no one mentions about it even it is of the same case. Thus leading people to see only rape cases making them think that all the cases were actual rapes.

Recently I came across a news where a 18 year old woman filed a rape case on a toddler and the 8 year old kid was charged with molestation does this make any sense ? This says a lot about misandry in India, but have you seen any media platforms or news channels report about it ?

I am not telling all the women are against men and are wrong, but there are women who just take advantage of the laws provided to them misusing it on innocent men, it is true that there are rapists and men who torture women, but besides them there are good and honest men too. But the women who take advantage of laws just to make a man suffer I have an objection on that.

SUCCESS is more of a journey than a destination.

If you ask someone whether they want to succeed in their life, they most common answer would be Why not, it’s what I desire and look up to. You will hardly find anyone who has a second thought or thinks otherwise. So what is success and failure ? How to define it ? 

Success is something you achieve unintededly or desired to, such as fame, wealth and prosperity. Failure is a minor fault or defect done by you at some point in life. Now we would all know someone who could fit in either of these two or we can even know people whom we can fit into both failure and success. There may be several aspects of a person’s life that shape our view of them to be successful, and one mishap in their life may reflect a failure. It’s really ridiculous to judge people in life in one way or another, success or failure. although i will give you my definition of two.

One of the best example that I could give for someone successful would be a dentist. You ask why ?  Well he went to 8 years of college to be in the profession he loves, 8 years of college does take a lot of hard work and most importantly motivation. Completing his college requirement is a great success. Everyone can’t be a dentist and do what he does, but since he had a goal to become one he accomplished it, making his achievement a success. On the other hand Failure is hard to justify, one example would be a person who couldn’t keep his job cause he is constantly drinking or out playing golf. There should be a line drawn between work and play and some people don’t know where to draw that line resulting in failure. Everyone thinks being successful is small, but the person who has achieved it will know how and what he has been through to gain it just like this ice-berg illusion example

We all are big dreamers fighting dreamers. We grow with various dreams in our mind. Some of them might have come true and some may not. We have failed many times achieving our dreams but, should we just give up? Just think for a moment….. When you were a child, you must have fallen down thousands of times while you were trying to stand up and walk. What if you had given up then ? Would you be able to walk today ? Obviously you wouldn’t. That is the reason I don’t regret failure in my life and even you shouldn’t, always be positive and try to work hard in order to achieve the wants in your life.

I remember reading this somewhere Failure’s are the pillars of success. Failure doesn’t mean you just wasted your time, it simply means you have a reason to start over with a clarity and experience from the past failure. It doesn’t mean we can’t achieve anything, it means that you need more commitment in life. Some people think that they have lost everything  to failure, guys ! It’s just a turn you missed on your way. In simple terms failure’s will provide you with more motivation and urge you to have more commitment in order to achieve the intended result of your journey in life, which is to be successful.

Now tell me does my title which says SUCCESS is more of a journey than a destination. Does it make sense ? Are they alike or different ?

It’s simple , we just need to differentiate destination as a narrower parth compared to journey. The main thing about destination is that it has pre-defined end points. But do you think we have something like that in our life ? I know many people want to place an argument with me that he or she has a particular goal to achieve in his/her life, and achieving it is their destination. But then comes a question, what will they do after that ? Are they done with their life ? Is it the end ?…… No right ? They will obviously set another goal, which will be much harder to achieve and more valuable than the previous one. Now their destination changes and again they start to walk in an other path. They just keep striving hard to achieve one goal after another untill they die.

So my dear fellow beings, no one in this entire world could predict exactly what they want in life or what life has for them. If you fail once that doesn’t mean you are worthless and you should end your life by committing suicide or get into drugs, it’s just an experience life shows you to make you more focused. 

That is the reason i gave this title to the blog. Because SUCCESS in life doesn’t have a clear and particular destination, but it is a non ending journey which you and I are a part of.

Sois belle à ta façon

Before you keep thinking or Google the title, I will tell you the meaning of the title. It means “Be beautiful in your own way“. The reason I used this title is cause I hardly find anyone who is having an individual character or personality both physically and mentally. Everyone is so busy with pretending to be someone else or acting completely different than being themselves and above all this they do this only for the sake of attention or impress there friends.

Many youngster’s these days feel the need to be accepted by their peers, I have seen people change their clothing, the manner in which they converse and the people whom they associate themselves with, just to fit-in , this has become a social problem and due to this youngster’s are depriving of their individuality and the social skills. They are so obsessed with fitting into some kind of clique or say merge into some group of people who they think are cool. Why ? Why do you want others to accept you ? You are not running the race of their life you have your own.

I strongly believe that you shouldn’t let other people direct your life, you are nothing but a slave then. I don’t think you should wear clothes which others think look beautiful on you or what their thoughts are, you are the one wearing it make sure you are comfortable with it. Be yourself don’t act like being someone else, just be you and creative, there is no one like you in the whole of earth. Trying to do something cool may lead you to various problems.

Life is very short to be worrying about what others think of you. It is hard to digest when people discriminate you on how you look or what you do, just don’t care about what people think about you. You are just wasting your life your basing everything you do in life and basing what others think of you. When your true to yourself, you allow your individuality and uniqueness  to shine through, you respect the opinions of others but don’t conform to stereotypes or their expectations of you.

It takes lots of courage to be true to yourself, it requires you to be introspective, sincere, open-minded, and fair . By this I don’t mean that you should be inconsiderate or disrespectful to others, it simply means that you won’t let others define you or make decisions for you that you should make for yourself. Be true to the very best that is in you and live your life consistent with your highest values and aspirations. Those who are most successful in life have dared to creatively express themselves and in turn, broaden the experiences and perspectives of everyone else.

Always remember a bird sitting on a branch of tree is not afraid the branch breaking because it doesn’t trust the tree but on its wings.

Be yourself because an original is more worth than a copy

#beyou #beliveinyourself #dontletothersruleyourlife

An Era ruled by Materialism

Do you know what Materialism is ? Materialism involves the focus on material or things opposed to that which is spiritual or intellectual in nature. In simple terms Materialism is the belief that having and possessions is the most important thing in life. We live in a world surrounded by composed matter with more luxury and branded tags. Due to this we get distracted from our spiritual and intellectual pursuits by materials and possessions, we become so obsessed by a desire to obtain them or maybe simply frustrated by the need to maintain them. Are material things really more important in our Life ? Is it the ultimate goal and highest goal ? 

Being materialistic is perceived to be a personal issue, however, it is the society that promotes this materialistic nature. Just imagine if the world stopped giving more respect to people who have a bigger car, a better phone and more materialistic things, would you ever want to spend your money on things such as these? Probably not, one of the biggest reasons youngsters succumb to materialism is due to the expectations of the society. For example a man with a BMW will generally be given more respect by others when compared to a man having a Maruti 800. 

The thing with materialism is that It goes way back, Children are taught to their success and happiness in life is stated by how much stuff they have. Kids will normally want things… especially If their friends have them and so they are provided with the things within their parent/guardians financial abilities to do so. The concept of earning something has been lost and replaced by the concept of getting what you want without working for it. The idea of materialism Is mostly promoted by social media.. you’ll see people posting about their new cars, yachts, mansions, expensive clothes, etc and suddenly it will run an urge through you that you want to possession/item.

 I guess nobody wants to accept the fact that Money can’t buy you love, It can’t buy you happiness either. Today’s materialistic world often makes us want to buy the latest devices, trendiest clothes, newest cars, etc… but it has become a known fact that these possessions don’t make you happy. The urge to buy stuff comes from every direction. Materialism Is also associated with depression, anxiety, broken relationships and so many other problems facing today’s society.

Nowadays, many people are influenced by themselves towards the world of materialism. Daily as I leaf through the newspapers, I often read about teenagers here and there. What makes them to be affected like this? There are many reasons that being identified. But firstly I would say materialism is caused by peer pressure, it influences into social life by others to an individual. This encourage’s a person to change his/her attitude, behavior and values. It also results in teenagers being more absorbed into different community or groups and spending less time with their family and religion matters. 

Infact it’s very hard to avoid Materialism. Try opening a magazine you will find huge number of commercials on items on sale or  what the latest trends are, even while driving or walking on roads you see so many posters on what to buy,  where to buy, etc… Youth these days are specially influenced by celebrities, pop-culture, and so on. Fashion is making them forget our culture and our native. People want to wear only branded clothes or clothes which are the latest fashion trends. Other than these youth get influenced by body piercing, this practice has gone from pierced ears to navels, tongue, eyebrows and private parts of the body are also worked by youngster’s. We have also doubled the number of malls than schools. A family consisting of 4 members has 3 or more cars and each member possessing two phones.

If this problem rules what would happen in future ? The materialistic and consumerist will make society become very greedier and more self-centered. The status society will make big gap between the rich and poor as well as things will get more expensive to feed the materialistic mentality.

I would suggest my fellow youngster’s that at the end of our life, what really matters is not what we bought but what we built, not what we got but what we shared, not our competence but our character and not our success but our significance.

Live a life that matters, live a long of love

#stopbeingmaterialistic #spreadlove #greedyleadstomisery #enjoyyourlifetothefullest

When the Ganga descended

It was 16th and 17th of june 2013 , when India declared the state of national crisis, when God himself was the victim along with his devotees as the Ganga became outrageous  and disastrous showing it’s fury upon destroying and flooding everything in it’s way killing over 6000 people and over 1,00,000 people stranded and leaving half of the uttarakhand ravaged by the floods ganga unprecedented.

It was the worst monsoon in the history, that India got hit by its own beloved and worshipped river Ganga. Leading to one of the largest rescue operations conducted in the history which the world has ever witnessed. This tragedy was nothing more than the fury of nature saving itself from its own children. It’s just the causative , the consequences which aggravated sloth , ignorance , complicity and criminal negligence.

Infact the tragedy of Char dam was quitely  waiting to happen. The cloudburst and subsequent impact was simply a proximate cause. Uttarakhand has witnessed many man made disasters and natural calamities before this tragedy. Its anactive seismiczone, prone to earthquakes, landslides, given in its riverine geography, avalanches and hailstorms The state is nestled in India’s ecologically fragile zone and is the hub of temple tourism. Neither the geography north ecultural context can be changed. Yet, every ‘ Don’t in the book was Done’.

The earlier generations of kedarnath like the Sthapatis of kedarnath temple ensured that both the temple and the placement was in harmony with its environment. But the illiteracy of greed shows the collapsing structures around it. Earlier the pilgrim’s used to respect the ecology and traversed Char dam by foot. But today’s story is different as the yatra-neophytes believe in penance power by four-wheel drive, these 7 seater MUV influx worsened the poor old structure of Char dam. Resulting in the collapsing of the Char dam. Who is to blame, the penitents? Political correctness be damned, should there be no like on the numbers trampling In and out ?

 India is one of the 10 worst disaster prone countries of the world. Out off its 35 states and Union Territories, 27 are disaster prone and over 58 percent of the landmass is vulnerable to earthquakes, over 40 million hectares or 12 percent of land is prone to floods and river erosion, Of the 7,156 km coast line, 5,700 km is prone  cyclones and tsunamis, 68 percent of the cultivable area is vulnerable to drought and the hilly areas are at risk from landslides and avalanches. The combination of natural and human induced factors adverse climatic conditions to environmental degradation fuelled by non-scientific development practices accompanied by a burgeoning population make the risks worse. 

Who should we blame ? Is it us ? The greedy humans inhabiting every inch of mother nature thinking that she will just be sacrificing herself for us. Well the tragedy of Ganga was just a sample which nature indicated to show us what she is capable off. This tragedy is old probably 3 years back ? But let me tell you if the same happens in our near future It will be worst than the past event

After every disaster the question which arise is  what can we do ? I say let’s start respecting her as our ancestors did then.

 There are some rules of nature, it’s better if we don’t break them