The curse of the Hope Diamond 

               No wonder historical objects hold lot of value, but the perks which people find in possessing them might also possess it’s curses. Among them are the diamonds which have fascinated mankind for centuries with their beauty. One such spectacular and beautiful gem in the world is the Hope Diamond. This particular diamond has a very colourful history and has travelled across continents into the hands of sultans, king Louis XIV and now finally resting in the museum of the Smithsonian in America. Today the diamond is known for its curse that has touched every hand possessing the diamond.

                     According to the historical statements, the hope diamond was found in the Golconda mines of India. The diamond originally was a part of a worshipped idol of goddess Sita. Karl shuker in his book THE UNEXPLAINED mentions the origin of the jeopardous gem as It sparkled in the brow of an indian temple idol, until it was impiously plucked out from its place by a Hindu priest who’s punishment was a slow and agonising death, it was then unearthed in the Golconda mines which later made its way to the European countries in 1642.

                         When the diamond was bought by a French merchant he later sold it to king LouisXIV for handsome price which profited the French merchant only to be mauled to death by a pack of wild dogs which was unexplainable. The diamond then was in the French royal family until it was stolen 1792 during the period of French revolution. The beheading of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette is often cited that they were too the victims of the curse of hope diamond. After this the diamond went missing for a few decades and was recut into smaller size. Finally in 1839 the diamond was acquired by Henry Thomas hope and this is how the diamond got its name. When hope died the diamond was passed on from one hand to another of the rich owners. Everybody who owned or touched it had to be the victims of the curse which lead them to great misfortune. Many of the owners commited suicide, some were brutally murdered while some were left penniless through bad investment. Not only the owners the people who came in contact with the hope diamond had to suffer failed marriages, dead children, drug addiction, they became insane and unstable to live.

                             For a matter of fact the hope diamond is the most famous cursed diamond in the world, but the creepy thing is it is only one in many. There are so many diamonds portraying similar legends with them. People in the east believed that possession of large diamonds always brings misfortune, infact there are long histories of blood, theft, intrigue, loss of an Empire, and many life’s and many more disastrous events related to each most celebrated diamonds. Most of the stories are historically true. Somewhere around all these it only strengthens the belief that these kind of centuries old  large and  beautiful diamonds only result in misfortune for their owners.

Whether you believe in the curse or not, the hope diamond has intrigued people for centuries. It’s perfect quality, large size, and it’s rare colour make it immensely unique and beautiful to every person’s eyes.




Put down your phone !

                      Put down your phone ! Sounds familiar doesn’t it ? I bet all of us, atleast 99% of us have heard this either from your parents, better-halfs and friends many number of times. But it’s fine nowadays talking to a person face to face is something which no body does these days everyone is busy with either uploading things or liking and commenting on stuff online. Even 12 year old these days are so busy doing this that they are missing the small happy things which children of their age do. If you ask people what they can’t live without ? I am sure most of the answers will include their mobile phones.

It has become just a part of people’s personality that wherever you are let it be on the bus station, train station, airport, hotel, bathroom you see people walking with their head down looking into those 6 inch screens. It looks as if the people are in some sort of life support and would die if they won’t have their mobiles with them for a few minutes. According to recent research there are about 4 billion mobiles in use world wide and this number keeps on increasing.

I am not telling that mobiles are bad, but when you see people always clinging to it every single second it is changing the way of interaction with fellow beings. Whenever I am on my way out for something for example if I board a bus or train all the people have earphones plugged to their ears and playing loud music, I have nothing against music but imagine 8 people around you doing the same this listing to different kinds of music is just a head ache. In the early times when I used to travel to places I used to find the person sitting beside me interacting with me just because we would be sitting beside each other for the time of travel, but this doesn’t exist anymore nowadays people just board to bus plug earphones and start browsing. I consider myself lucky while traveling if the person beside me is an elderly cause they are the only once who enjoy their lives to the fullest rather than just being on their mobile.

Even in the most devoted friendships, it seems that once a common conversation between friends has now being replaced by endless scrolling through social media or funny image based sites. Our mobiles are always in our hand no matter what , it looks as if it is a magical self-defense tool which protects us from all the evil in the world. I would be glad if it did but sadly it won’t. Infact there is so much lack of mindfulness that we have become so irrevocably immersed in our digital lifestyle, prioritising the virtual word over anything else. I mean is it really that important to Instagram your dinner, rather than actually savoring it and sharing your impression or having some common dinner conversation with person sitting next to you ? I mean who are you trying to make jealous !!

Mobiles get in the way of our life so much that , it is impossible for a person to make or show wholeheartedly devote their attention to the moment they are a part of or to the person whom they are with, resulting in losing may moments of wonder that are unique and are never to be live again. Why pay 2000 rupees to see your favourite band, if you are going to watch the whole event through your smartphone camera anyway ? We have become so obsessed over how our lives look to others through digital glass, that we forgotten how significant it is to live, invest, and relish in the present moment and the fact that we are in reality.

At the very end I am trying to tell why choose to communicate through social media, rather than enjoying a friends company ? Or even better to do something together, other than sitting side by side staring at your mobile displays? Inevitably, excessive use of smartphone drives us away from one another, and we only choose to communicate impersonally and for superficial matters. Some how the emotions such as bonding and intimacy no longer appeal to us, making it not it difficult but impossible to build any new and sincere relationship.

This friendship day, let’s get back with those who have become the part of our life. Let’s get into to a conversation with a hot mug of coffee with your friends, in the old stereotype way. Let’s look up maybe some other friend might too. Let’s stop wishing them through your mobile while you can actually go to their place and give a warm hug thanking them.

Happy friendship day

Reasons behind 10 Indian traditions, you should know about

INDIA by the name itself people can imagine the bright and colourful tradition and culture, infact the Indian culture is woven with customs and traditions. Traditional practices are a very important part of an indian, it is an approach followed over the years and has been handed over from generation to generation ensuring that it will lead to a high degree of spiritual and honour.

In this blog of mine I am going to mention 10 common indian traditions which have a strong reason behind them for which they are followed.

  1. Namaste

                  Ever wondered why we indians always prefer namaste rather than shaking hands ? Well the reason is when you join both your hands and fingers together it results in the activation of pressure points in our minds , eyes and ears which helps in remembering the person for a long time.

        2. Wishing wells

                         If you have been to any indian temple you would notice either a pond or a well in the temple premises and people tossing coins in them and wishing there wants. It is believed that this ritual brings luck to one’s life, and not only this but it also that in ancient India the coins were made of copper, tossing a copper coin into a river , pond or well and drinking that water was a way of improving your health with supply of minerals  into the human body.

         3.  Why do indians put kumkum or bindi?

                        The Tilak or bindi is considered to be a great significance in the western culture, but the scientific fact of behind it is that there is a major nerve which runs between our eyesbrows, hence when you put kumkum or bindi in that point you are actually applying some amount of pressure which helps in the blood flow to your face. So next time try applying some kumkum.

         4. Bells in a Hindu temple

                            Have you ever wondered why a Hindu temple has so many bells hung up so that people can ring them !! There is a strong reason behind it, when you ring the bell the sounds produced by the bell echoes for atleast 7 seconds which helps in activating the 7 healing centres in our body. Making is more active and focused on life.

        5. Sweets after a meal !

                           An Indian meal usually starts with spicy food and then end with having sweets. But have you ever wondered why is this spicy and then sweet thing is done ? Well the reason is spicy food activates the digestive juices in our body which helps our body to regulate the digestion process, and when you have sweets at the end they help in reducing this process.

        6. Applying Henna or Mehendi

                         Do you know why all theindian girls apply Mehendi or Henna during a wedding or any other occasions ? Weddings and indian occasions are very stressful, Henna is a powerful herb which helps the person to regulate their body temperature specially in their hands and feet. Hence reducing the stress in an occassion.

        7. Why do indians sit on the ground and eat ?

                        Well it’s very rare to nowadays to find Indians sitting on the ground and eat, besides on any festivals, but in the ancient India people used to sit on the ground and eat not because they didn’t have tables but it is believed that having your meal by sitting on the ground will help in digestion and also prevent over eating.

        8. Surya Namaskar

                         You might be familiar with this word as it is a important excercise in yoga, but did you ever why is this only done during the morning hours ? The reason is when you are performing the water offering ritual and look straight at the sun through the pouring water it helps improve your eyesight and in order to perform this you will be waking up early which is good for your overall health too.

         9. Why do indians fast on festivals 

                          Well fasting is not only performed in indian but other countries too, but did you know the scientific reason for that ? Science states that fasting helps us to detoxify all the harmful chemicals in our body and helps us deal with indigestion issues.

         10. Touching elders feet

                            Well you must have noticed when an indian meets his parents or someone elder to him/her , they bend down and touch the person’s feet this is because touching ones feet is a symbol of great respect in india. It also helps the persons body to have a healthy glow of blood across his body and also absorb positive energy from the elderly from with his fingers.

    The last vault 

    India is supposed to be the home to the world’s most fascinating mysteries. From the ancient times till the present date, indian temples have been a subject to mysteries. So, I would like to mention about one such temple, which holds a mystery which no one tends to know.

      Some say if we open it with man-made technology, it will lead to natural calamities and destruction of world, some say there are large cobra’s behind it, some say there is abundance of treasure and some debunk it saying that it’s all a myth. Whatever it might be behind that door to the ears of the listener it’s a mystery bound with curiosity. Yes I am indeed talking about the last vault of Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple. The temple which came into the limelight, after the discovery of huge amount of wealth after opening the secret vault, with an estimated $22 billion worth of gold assets and previous stones making it the richest and  wealthiest God and worship place on the face of the earth. It is located in Thiruvananthapuram, in the state of Kerala.

    Sree anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple

    The temple has 6 vaults out of which 5 have been opened which contained all the wealth making it Rich, but it is also known for the mysterious 6th vault named vault BThe steel door of vault B is having two big cobra portraits on it and this door has no nuts, bolts or even latches. It is just a plain chunk of steel. This vault was not opened as it was opposed by the royal family on the grounds claiming that opening it will lead to god’s anger.According to the ancient legends , there is a curse upon those who defile the sacred site. Somewhere in 1930’s a group of treasure hunters tried to open the temple, but as soon as they opened it they ran for their life’s after noticing large serpents emerging from one of the vaults.

    An image for demonstration

    It is said that vault B was locked by a sacred chant of Naga Bandam, by the then Siddha Purushas. Who are believed to be existed during the 16th century, it is said that such a door can only be opened by highly erudite Sadhus who are familiar with the Naga Bandam by chanting a sacred and difficult called Garuda Mantra. According to legends, if someone tries to open the vault door which has Naga Bandam on it, then it might lead to natural calamities and catastrophes around the world. Many vedic scholars of the ancient India tried opening the vault by chanting the Garuda Mantra but we’re unable to open it. If the mantra is chanted properly by some sadhu then the door will automatically open without any human efforts. Adding to the belief that Garuda( eagle) will drive away mighty nagas( serpents).

    As of now , people can hear sounds of water tides in a beach and hissing of serpents. It is believed that the 7th vault holds even more treasures and gold compared to the treasures found in the other vault combined. It is believed that beyond vault B lies another hidden inner chamber. Beyond the secret vault, historical accounts suggest that another chamber exists, built out of solid pure gold where the mystery really exists, and containing the largest undiscovered treasure ever to be found in the history of mankind just waiting there to be found.

    MEN BEING RAPED : More of a myth than reality ?

    Wondering about the title of the blog ? Well of course I know that in many countries Rape is not just a term used only for female’s being sexually assaulted, cause most of the countries laws are equal to both men and women. But sadly in India a male victim who has been raped is more of a joke even to his parents and friends in many cases. He can never openly express his pain as he will be the one in trouble if confesses that he was raped, he will be make fun off but firstly people will never even bother to listen to his grief.

    Generally speaking, rape is a violent sexual act imposed on a nonconsenting partner that makes you question many things about yourself. But unfortunately as I mentioned in my title the mythology usually surrounding rape is that it only happens to women. But the fact is rape doesn’t happen to women, but men as well. It is the most misunderstood of all crimes, and specially when the victim is male, it is really hard to understand why it has happened. Infact when I first learned about what rape was, initially even I thought it was something that only happened to women that was brought on by a male. As we grow up, we don’t hear about men being raped, it was something unheard and unfamiliar. Due to this even if men are raped it is unreported resulting in male rape as one of the most under reported acts of violence.

    It is really sad, when I see comments on social media on the posts of male rape that men who are sexually assaulted are not real men. From a very young age boys are told shouldn’t cry, should be brave, strong and tough and therefore it is understandable that experiences which leave some men feeling inadequate and ashamed. Being victimized in this way is certainly not an indication of a manliness or physical strength. It is very important to appreciate that the term rape or sexual assault is about the abuse of  power and control. It is true that power can be in the form of physical strength, but it can also be in the form of psychological control, emotional blackmail, abuse when incapacitated, coercion etc…

    Another theory of people is that women cannot sexually assault a man. Again as I said in the above paragraph rape and sexual assault is not about physical strength but about the power and control. Adding to this many men never even consider themselves in a situation like rape or sexual assault by a women due which many men are likely to get freezed in that situation. Many rape cases are disclosed due to the fact that If a man sexually responds during rape, then it’s not really a rape. Sexual responses in men such as erection and ejaculation often occur during male rape, because this response is a mechanical one, and the only it shows is that the body is reacting in the way it is supposed to react to sexual stimulation. It is a near biological certainty that pressure on prostate gland will result in physical sexual response and it in any way doesn’t mean that the male victim has enjoyed it, and it certainly doesn’t stop the fact rape being a rape. It’s simply a reaction to which your body naturally responds. For example someone who doesn’t want to laugh, may laugh against their will whilst being tickled.

    Over the years, male rape has been shown up in the film’s and television, opening the eyes of public viewers to something that has been but on the taboo list or back burner so to speak. The movie Aitraz is a perfect example for the situation of man in India who has been raped by a women. The film stars Akshay Kumar , Kareena Kapoor Khan and Priyanka Chopra as lead roles, where Akshay Kumar along with his wife fights a case in court of him being sexually assaulted by Priyanka Chopra. Yet after all these attempts of letting people know that rape doesn’t only happen to women but also men , the term Man being raped is sadly still a taboo in my country.

    I end this blog of mine , hoping that it brings some difference among the people reading this, that BOYS ARE SUPPOSED TO LIKE IT is a misconception which still exists

    A silent art of Overthinking !



    Overthinking! We all do it, don’t we ?Of course we all do it. Even I do it, it’s been ruining things for me since my early teens. Now I have come to the conclusion that it is  probably one of my more hard hitting habits. I don’t even realize I do it anymore cause it has become that natural to me. Overthinking causes damage, and by the phrase damage I mean that It’s 3 am in the morning and I am overanalyzing every aspect of my life, what I have done right, what I have done wrong in the span of my 19 years in this world, kind of damaging my sleep hours. And by damage I am referring to the beautiful 2 hours of sleep I am willingly to allowing myself to lose at night. That’s the problem with overthinking your mind is going a mile a minute. If something is causing you that much distress or fixation, then it’s clearly affecting your state of mind and sleep. Innocuous thoughts on not, something is very important enough to you. Overthinking is a parasitic, it’s viral it’s deadly, even letting yourself fall victim to overthinking doesn’t just kill your happiness, it destroys who you are. The mind is a beautiful and complex thing, and the only person who can hurt it is yourself. It is an instant destroyer of highly skilled, developed tasks of any sort whether the mental or physical variety. 

    Infact my whole life, I always thought to myself, I probably shouldn’t do that. Whether it was my descision making or raising my hand when I have a good idea to give, I have never taken a chance. Infact being careful was something that I always prided  myself on. I have been able to weigh all my options and think things through logically, as a result of this I have had a pretty pleasant and safe life untill now. My thoughts used to stay scribbled onto the pages of my journals untill, I started unknowingly overthinking out so much that I basically constituted in word vomit. I think this is why overthinking is so bittersweet. We often overthink things that have caused us hurt or happiness, just to experience it repeatedly.

    I consider myself an introspective individual. I have this habit of imagining what life is going to bring and what it holds for me in the future. Basically I have been living a life with preconceived notions of  what will and won’t happen, without it ever actually occuring or happening.

    For a long period of time I have been driving myself crazy, overthinking every descision I have been making and I have made. I have been so particular about the things I say and doing things wrong that I knotted myself anyways. This being said, I think it will be ill advised to ignore every inner thought of mine that have ever crossed my mind at some point. If I could only find a decent amount of balance between taking things as they come, at face value and by embracing my introspective qualities such so that they don’t interfere or inhibit my life, then I should be in a good shape.

    As humans we are constantly thinking, without even realizing that we are thinking. Our brains are beating us up, maybe because even they are essentially out to get us. Understood !!? I am ultimately telling you that our brains suck. Joking, kind of though. I don’t know about you, but coming to me my brain always loved to team up with that other fundamental organ in my body making my life a living hell.

    Overthinking is a whole other aspect in its own. It’s freakishly weird how much succumb to it as well. If I even go 2 hours without thinking about something in specific that has been on my mind for however long, I am truly amazed. According to me overthinking may or can teach us two things 

    1. That we are absolutely insane
    2. That we are experiencing something completely normal.

    Yes sometimes thinking too much about one thing is frustrating and tiring, oh god I can’t even tell you how many times I have been wanting to turn off or completely shut my mind entirely physically.

    But on my other side, overthinking has not always a bad thing for me , infact there were times gene I have made lot of good conclusions in my life. Not every over thought was an issue that was there never to begin with. Some times things need to be thought more deeply in order for them to come to the surface and for you to decipher if at all it’s worth making your mind vacant to anything or anyone else. Let it be with your education, job, relationships, etc…  You always need to remember that your thoughts are your mediators and also your main peacekeepers.
    You must be waiting for my conclusion point of why Overthinking is an art . It’s an art because individually we are able to have such vivid, vast and creative imaginations or maybe simply it’s just an art of Conjuring up the problems which were actually not there in the first place and were never there to begin with. So my dear friend whatever it is or where ever it is, your thoughts are always with you and primarily you are the only one who can decide whether or if you will let them get the best out of you. Overthinking is draining, but simultaneously it is helpful in determining how much you are going to let your mind control your happiness and emotions.

    At the end I won’t tell you to stop overthinking completely, it’s just that the things that you know are not worth your time and that take away from those precious hours of sleep, when your head finally hits the pillow.

    The Legend of Nohkalikai

    Falling from a height of 1,115ft the Nohkalikai falls have the tallest plunge in india. Located near cherrapunji, one of the wettest places on earth, the Nohkalikai falls are the biggest tourist attraction of Meghalaya.

     But the name Nohkalikai carried by the waterfalls has a horror legend. The story goes something like this.. in a village called Rangjyrteh which is located above the mighty water falls, lived a women named Likai. Ka Likai (the prefix of Ka identifies the feminine gender) husband was a porter who made his livelihood carrying loads of iron and Sylhet. He died on one of his trips ka Likai with their baby to take care. With no source of income ka Likai herself took up the porter job, like many other women who were ferrying iron Rangjyrteh mawmluh village leaving her baby in the care of others.

    Other women who used to work with her persuaded her that she should find another man, as the child needs a father too. On the insist of her women co-workers she found herself a man and married him. Poor ka Likai didn’t know what a man he was, her new husband was envious of the attention ka Likai showed to towards her baby girl and resented the baby. One fine day when ka Likai had to do her routine of carrying the iron, her husband took a chance of this situation killing the baby girl and chopping her into pieces and cooking the flesh. He cleverly threw the head and bones but in hurry forgot the finger’s in kwai basket.

    When ka Likai came home tired from work, she was hungry. She presumed that her baby must be with her husband or some neighbour. Acute pangs of hunger and inviting smell of the curry led her to satiate her hunger, before going in search of her child. She anyhow thought that the child must be safe and sound with someone till then. The meat was tasty, but she was clueless as of what meat it was. The preparation her husband made was delicious indeed. As usual after her meal she took kwai basket to help herself to a kwai. Alas !! She found the severed fingers of a child.

    The horror which she had just relished dawned on her, realising that she had eaten her own Beloved child. Ka Likai became furious with anger and desperation. She then ran outside screaming in dismay, brandishing a wait on anyone who tried stopping her. She ran and ran untill she reached the edge of the waterfalls leaps off the precipice and threw herself over the edge. 

    The term  Noh means jump. Hence the the water fall got its named Noh-ka-likai . It is a heart-rending story isn’t it ?