The curse of the Hope Diamond 

               No wonder historical objects hold lot of value, but the perks which people find in possessing them might also possess it’s curses. Among them are the diamonds which have fascinated mankind for centuries with their beauty. One such spectacular and beautiful gem in the world is the Hope Diamond. This particular diamond has a very colourful history and has travelled across continents into the hands of sultans, king Louis XIV and now finally resting in the museum of the Smithsonian in America. Today the diamond is known for its curse that has touched every hand possessing the diamond.

                     According to the historical statements, the hope diamond was found in the Golconda mines of India. The diamond originally was a part of a worshipped idol of goddess Sita. Karl shuker in his book THE UNEXPLAINED mentions the origin of the jeopardous gem as It sparkled in the brow of an indian temple idol, until it was impiously plucked out from its place by a Hindu priest who’s punishment was a slow and agonising death, it was then unearthed in the Golconda mines which later made its way to the European countries in 1642.

                         When the diamond was bought by a French merchant he later sold it to king LouisXIV for handsome price which profited the French merchant only to be mauled to death by a pack of wild dogs which was unexplainable. The diamond then was in the French royal family until it was stolen 1792 during the period of French revolution. The beheading of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette is often cited that they were too the victims of the curse of hope diamond. After this the diamond went missing for a few decades and was recut into smaller size. Finally in 1839 the diamond was acquired by Henry Thomas hope and this is how the diamond got its name. When hope died the diamond was passed on from one hand to another of the rich owners. Everybody who owned or touched it had to be the victims of the curse which lead them to great misfortune. Many of the owners commited suicide, some were brutally murdered while some were left penniless through bad investment. Not only the owners the people who came in contact with the hope diamond had to suffer failed marriages, dead children, drug addiction, they became insane and unstable to live.

                             For a matter of fact the hope diamond is the most famous cursed diamond in the world, but the creepy thing is it is only one in many. There are so many diamonds portraying similar legends with them. People in the east believed that possession of large diamonds always brings misfortune, infact there are long histories of blood, theft, intrigue, loss of an Empire, and many life’s and many more disastrous events related to each most celebrated diamonds. Most of the stories are historically true. Somewhere around all these it only strengthens the belief that these kind of centuries old  large and  beautiful diamonds only result in misfortune for their owners.

Whether you believe in the curse or not, the hope diamond has intrigued people for centuries. It’s perfect quality, large size, and it’s rare colour make it immensely unique and beautiful to every person’s eyes.




Put down your phone !

                      Put down your phone ! Sounds familiar doesn’t it ? I bet all of us, atleast 99% of us have heard this either from your parents, better-halfs and friends many number of times. But it’s fine nowadays talking to a person face to face is something which no body does these days everyone is busy with either uploading things or liking and commenting on stuff online. Even 12 year old these days are so busy doing this that they are missing the small happy things which children of their age do. If you ask people what they can’t live without ? I am sure most of the answers will include their mobile phones.

It has become just a part of people’s personality that wherever you are let it be on the bus station, train station, airport, hotel, bathroom you see people walking with their head down looking into those 6 inch screens. It looks as if the people are in some sort of life support and would die if they won’t have their mobiles with them for a few minutes. According to recent research there are about 4 billion mobiles in use world wide and this number keeps on increasing.

I am not telling that mobiles are bad, but when you see people always clinging to it every single second it is changing the way of interaction with fellow beings. Whenever I am on my way out for something for example if I board a bus or train all the people have earphones plugged to their ears and playing loud music, I have nothing against music but imagine 8 people around you doing the same this listing to different kinds of music is just a head ache. In the early times when I used to travel to places I used to find the person sitting beside me interacting with me just because we would be sitting beside each other for the time of travel, but this doesn’t exist anymore nowadays people just board to bus plug earphones and start browsing. I consider myself lucky while traveling if the person beside me is an elderly cause they are the only once who enjoy their lives to the fullest rather than just being on their mobile.

Even in the most devoted friendships, it seems that once a common conversation between friends has now being replaced by endless scrolling through social media or funny image based sites. Our mobiles are always in our hand no matter what , it looks as if it is a magical self-defense tool which protects us from all the evil in the world. I would be glad if it did but sadly it won’t. Infact there is so much lack of mindfulness that we have become so irrevocably immersed in our digital lifestyle, prioritising the virtual word over anything else. I mean is it really that important to Instagram your dinner, rather than actually savoring it and sharing your impression or having some common dinner conversation with person sitting next to you ? I mean who are you trying to make jealous !!

Mobiles get in the way of our life so much that , it is impossible for a person to make or show wholeheartedly devote their attention to the moment they are a part of or to the person whom they are with, resulting in losing may moments of wonder that are unique and are never to be live again. Why pay 2000 rupees to see your favourite band, if you are going to watch the whole event through your smartphone camera anyway ? We have become so obsessed over how our lives look to others through digital glass, that we forgotten how significant it is to live, invest, and relish in the present moment and the fact that we are in reality.

At the very end I am trying to tell why choose to communicate through social media, rather than enjoying a friends company ? Or even better to do something together, other than sitting side by side staring at your mobile displays? Inevitably, excessive use of smartphone drives us away from one another, and we only choose to communicate impersonally and for superficial matters. Some how the emotions such as bonding and intimacy no longer appeal to us, making it not it difficult but impossible to build any new and sincere relationship.

This friendship day, let’s get back with those who have become the part of our life. Let’s get into to a conversation with a hot mug of coffee with your friends, in the old stereotype way. Let’s look up maybe some other friend might too. Let’s stop wishing them through your mobile while you can actually go to their place and give a warm hug thanking them.

Happy friendship day