The last vault 

India is supposed to be the home to the world’s most fascinating mysteries. From the ancient times till the present date, indian temples have been a subject to mysteries. So, I would like to mention about one such temple, which holds a mystery which no one tends to know.

  Some say if we open it with man-made technology, it will lead to natural calamities and destruction of world, some say there are large cobra’s behind it, some say there is abundance of treasure and some debunk it saying that it’s all a myth. Whatever it might be behind that door to the ears of the listener it’s a mystery bound with curiosity. Yes I am indeed talking about the last vault of Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple. The temple which came into the limelight, after the discovery of huge amount of wealth after opening the secret vault, with an estimated $22 billion worth of gold assets and previous stones making it the richest and  wealthiest God and worship place on the face of the earth. It is located in Thiruvananthapuram, in the state of Kerala.

Sree anantha Padmanabha Swamy temple

The temple has 6 vaults out of which 5 have been opened which contained all the wealth making it Rich, but it is also known for the mysterious 6th vault named vault BThe steel door of vault B is having two big cobra portraits on it and this door has no nuts, bolts or even latches. It is just a plain chunk of steel. This vault was not opened as it was opposed by the royal family on the grounds claiming that opening it will lead to god’s anger.According to the ancient legends , there is a curse upon those who defile the sacred site. Somewhere in 1930’s a group of treasure hunters tried to open the temple, but as soon as they opened it they ran for their life’s after noticing large serpents emerging from one of the vaults.

An image for demonstration

It is said that vault B was locked by a sacred chant of Naga Bandam, by the then Siddha Purushas. Who are believed to be existed during the 16th century, it is said that such a door can only be opened by highly erudite Sadhus who are familiar with the Naga Bandam by chanting a sacred and difficult called Garuda Mantra. According to legends, if someone tries to open the vault door which has Naga Bandam on it, then it might lead to natural calamities and catastrophes around the world. Many vedic scholars of the ancient India tried opening the vault by chanting the Garuda Mantra but we’re unable to open it. If the mantra is chanted properly by some sadhu then the door will automatically open without any human efforts. Adding to the belief that Garuda( eagle) will drive away mighty nagas( serpents).

As of now , people can hear sounds of water tides in a beach and hissing of serpents. It is believed that the 7th vault holds even more treasures and gold compared to the treasures found in the other vault combined. It is believed that beyond vault B lies another hidden inner chamber. Beyond the secret vault, historical accounts suggest that another chamber exists, built out of solid pure gold where the mystery really exists, and containing the largest undiscovered treasure ever to be found in the history of mankind just waiting there to be found.


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