SUCCESS is more of a journey than a destination.

If you ask someone whether they want to succeed in their life, they most common answer would be Why not, it’s what I desire and look up to. You will hardly find anyone who has a second thought or thinks otherwise. So what is success and failure ? How to define it ? 

Success is something you achieve unintededly or desired to, such as fame, wealth and prosperity. Failure is a minor fault or defect done by you at some point in life. Now we would all know someone who could fit in either of these two or we can even know people whom we can fit into both failure and success. There may be several aspects of a person’s life that shape our view of them to be successful, and one mishap in their life may reflect a failure. It’s really ridiculous to judge people in life in one way or another, success or failure. although i will give you my definition of two.

One of the best example that I could give for someone successful would be a dentist. You ask why ?  Well he went to 8 years of college to be in the profession he loves, 8 years of college does take a lot of hard work and most importantly motivation. Completing his college requirement is a great success. Everyone can’t be a dentist and do what he does, but since he had a goal to become one he accomplished it, making his achievement a success. On the other hand Failure is hard to justify, one example would be a person who couldn’t keep his job cause he is constantly drinking or out playing golf. There should be a line drawn between work and play and some people don’t know where to draw that line resulting in failure. Everyone thinks being successful is small, but the person who has achieved it will know how and what he has been through to gain it just like this ice-berg illusion example

We all are big dreamers fighting dreamers. We grow with various dreams in our mind. Some of them might have come true and some may not. We have failed many times achieving our dreams but, should we just give up? Just think for a moment….. When you were a child, you must have fallen down thousands of times while you were trying to stand up and walk. What if you had given up then ? Would you be able to walk today ? Obviously you wouldn’t. That is the reason I don’t regret failure in my life and even you shouldn’t, always be positive and try to work hard in order to achieve the wants in your life.

I remember reading this somewhere Failure’s are the pillars of success. Failure doesn’t mean you just wasted your time, it simply means you have a reason to start over with a clarity and experience from the past failure. It doesn’t mean we can’t achieve anything, it means that you need more commitment in life. Some people think that they have lost everything  to failure, guys ! It’s just a turn you missed on your way. In simple terms failure’s will provide you with more motivation and urge you to have more commitment in order to achieve the intended result of your journey in life, which is to be successful.

Now tell me does my title which says SUCCESS is more of a journey than a destination. Does it make sense ? Are they alike or different ?

It’s simple , we just need to differentiate destination as a narrower parth compared to journey. The main thing about destination is that it has pre-defined end points. But do you think we have something like that in our life ? I know many people want to place an argument with me that he or she has a particular goal to achieve in his/her life, and achieving it is their destination. But then comes a question, what will they do after that ? Are they done with their life ? Is it the end ?…… No right ? They will obviously set another goal, which will be much harder to achieve and more valuable than the previous one. Now their destination changes and again they start to walk in an other path. They just keep striving hard to achieve one goal after another untill they die.

So my dear fellow beings, no one in this entire world could predict exactly what they want in life or what life has for them. If you fail once that doesn’t mean you are worthless and you should end your life by committing suicide or get into drugs, it’s just an experience life shows you to make you more focused. 

That is the reason i gave this title to the blog. Because SUCCESS in life doesn’t have a clear and particular destination, but it is a non ending journey which you and I are a part of.


4 thoughts on “SUCCESS is more of a journey than a destination.

  1. Wow…. Great start to your blogging adventure, really love to see fresh ideas, and new blogs, to be in existence in this wordpress community, and to instigate pristine content to the readers. Hope to see more from you. Have hope, write on!


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