The girl I never met 

Can somebody tell me what makes a true friendship nowadays? Is It whether the person knows your birthday, or Is It like how many hours you spend talking on the phone or hanging out in person? With all the ways now we can communicate on Skype Facebook, whatsApp, hike, etc.. and with all the people on our friendlists, who are we really friends with? Is it possible to have friends on internet? Who are purely for the Internet and others you get along with in real life? what’s the difference ?

Onlinefriend are people you don’t really I mean Don’t really know but you met them once at a conference on a social networking site, like on Twitter, or maybe you added them to your Facebook because they’re friends with someone you know or let’s say Mutuals and Plus they’re really hot, and you do enjoy collecting Facebook friends based on their hotness ( I do ). Online friend is someone you know is available every time you see that green dot next to their name turned on, so you write to them and say hello, wassup etcc… But sometimes it’s possible to have an online best friend who you have never met before in real life,but who gives you a lot of company when you’re bored, sad, writing a long paper or bored at work. You talk to each other at least every other day. You even have Inside jokes and think about going out to wherever they live, you know what i mean to take things to the next step. 

In thesame above way I met someone who I never knew would actually get so attached to me in both my happiness and miserable times. It all started on 14th Feb 2016 when there was some matchup ( dating feature) in the Hike application. I was not into getting into any relationship but still out of boredom i gave it a try. A couple of days later I received a notification saying ” we found a match ” which means some girl had liked my profile back.

 Fast forward, me being the despo chief texted her, the best thing was that we had so many things in common I from our native to everything going in our lives. So due lot of similarities we got really close with each other I even planned to move to her city for my college but unfortunately couldn’t. If you meet a person personally that doesn’t mean you can become or turn out into good bestie’s or whatever, you know some times you even get so connected tosome stranger you just randomly met and become buddies for life such was my situation.

It’s been a year and 4 months, we text regularly there’s no single day we don’t text each other. She care’s for me, motivates me and always cheers me up during my low times. I never expected so much bonding from a stranger whom I meet online infact i don’t text also ( okay may be sometimes I she’s hot ) but sometimes Is worth expecting. Andi  know you ll be reading this Sammy, let’s change the title from ” the gi

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The Music of Southern India

Carnatic Music is one of the Oldest Music form in the world which originated from india. The Music was popularly practiced in the states of karanataka, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Kerala. It is one of the subgenres of Classical Music of India. The music consists of 4 elements Sruthi, Swara, Raga and Tala. The person who sings during a Carnatic Music Performance is known as a vocalist. Carnatic Music when performed as singing can be accompanied by instruments namely Violin, Mridhangam, Tambura, Veena and so on. It is one of the major performances In major cultural events and festivals of our country . It is considered to be a  Divine music form.

The prime components of Carnatic music follows the same pattern as any other Indian classical music, which are the Raga, implying the melody part, and the Tala, denoting the rhythmic part.When other countries started to Invade india the northern part of India adapted its music to include its Persian and islamic influences but the Southern part of I for the most part kept the traditional aspects of Indian music, therefore creating two very different kinds of music. The music can be traced back to very early ancient literature I the Sama veda which set the foundation for one type of indian song. They are also mentioned in the Ramayana and Mahabharatha. 

Purandara dasa is known as the father of carnatic music, even though Purandara Dasa is credited as being the father of Carnatic music, Sri Thyagaraja SwamigalSri Shyama Sastri and Sri Muthuswami Dikshitar with their immense number of compositions and I structure have left an indelible impact. They were contemporaries and hailed from the same town called Tiruvarur in Tamil Nadu. They brought about a period of revival in carnatic music which has since been called its golden period.

Purandara dasaru
 Sri thyagaraja swamigal
Sri shyama sastri
Sri muthuswami dikshithar

Unlike modern modern music or the Western music, carnatic music is known for its melodious feeling it gives to the audience. It can performed both musical or also as musical dramatic, it plays a major role in the Indian cultural dances. Most of the Indian cultural dances can be performed with the help of carnatic music only.

Carnatic music is considered one of the symbols of our indian culture and tradition. Great scholars and archeologists have admitted that Indian culture is one of the most unique and ancient one, bound with beauty. It is really sad that people of our generation are looking and conservating Western culture which even the people of West are feeling sad about. It’s high time that we get our culture and tradition out to the world and be proud of it 

Being a Loner

I was not a loner always, I still can’t figure out what made me a  loner. I guess maybe the things which happen in one’s life, will always have a deep effect on his/her life as well as character. In my case it just took a turn in an intense way to become a loner. Being a loner doesn’t mean avoiding people and locking yourself from everything, it’s that feeling of good comfort spending most of my time alone observing things happening around.

I like to stand on the fringes of a crowd and to watch the things going on among my peers with unwavering eyes, but never to engage myself in that. I fold my arms to make myself look confident as if to put a self made barrier between me and the talkative people around me. I avoid going to parties involving in group talks and walking through groups, I like to give people their ample space. The edges of a room or a place are my refuge, I can see people approaching me and feel safe from getting into a conversation with anyone just standing there being myself. I speak awkwardly as if I am trailing of at the end of my sentences to keep the talk little and speak as little as possible to avoid being asked more or being judged.

I am frightened to ask questions as the act of asking a question makes me think, that people might not notice my question as worthy to answer or curious enough but rather a nosiness. I don’t usually give my opinion in group discussions and instead talk about what other people or my mom , sister have asserted. I have a single person not of my family to speak of, my best and only good friend.

I am scared to be myself being afraid of exclusions as I exclude myself.

Yes I am a loner “

 Music of the temple in ruins 

In the northeast part of Hampi opposite to the village of anegondi in the state of Karnataka is a town in it’s ruins called Vittalapura and this town was built around a temple called the Vittala temple. It is a world heritage site. It is also called as the city of ruins as most of the temple and site is weakened and collapsed. The temple was constructed between 8th and 16th century. As its name implies, this 16th century temple which is dedicated to lord Vittala, an aspect of lord Vishnu in Hampi, this aspect of Vishnu was worshipped in this part of the country as their cult deity by the cattle herds. It was ruled by the great kings of Vijaya Nagara empire, which also includes Sri krishna devaraya who is known as one of the richest Kings ever to rule India . The Kingdom was blessed with wealth and this led to the kings to build this magnificent city of monuments.

The Vittala temple is a delight to one’s eye as the carvings and sculptures are appreciated all over the world. But The temple is known for its incredible architectural elements known as Musical pillars of Vittala, these music columns which were made of solid granite. These were played to accompany devotional chants, vocal music and dance performances performed in the temple, Each of the pillars that supports the roof of the main temple is supported by a pillar representing a musical instrument, and is constructed with 7 minor pillars arranged around a main pillar.

When these 7 pillars are struck, they emanate the 7 notes from the representative instrument, varying in sound quality based on whether it represents a wind, string or percussion instrument. None knows how these musical sounds are emanated and still remains a mystery.

Infact to debunk this mystery of the chanting pillars, the British cut two pillars only to find nothing inside which could be making the musical sounds , the musical pillars of Vithala temple in Hampi produce melodious and feet-tapping tunes which is still a mystery till this day.

We as a modern day human beings might be very advance in technology , science and buliding architecture’s , but the perfection of which these centuries old monuments and cities were built by using the toughest elements of nature without possessing all the current modern day equipments is more a mystery that to this day no modern scientist or archeologist could have solved. The more I think about these old structures , civilizations and culture the more they amuse and surprise me and feel wow.. about the people who lived in these great towns and cities of old india.

Some times around I have a guilty feeling about not being born in those era of civilization , wish I could go back in time and know the immense amount of knowledge which they possessed which resulted in the building of these great cities and temples.

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From being my crush to becoming my best friend 

I was in my 8th standard when my hormones started the game of getting attracted until then she was just a classmate of mine who I usually hated for being mean to me.It was all good untill every friend of mine started having a girlfriend ( I know it sounds ridiculous as we were in 8th ) and you know getting the attention and all , and me trying to be a stud proposed her which I later regretted as she just went walking to  our class teacher and complained about it and the teacher losed all the hell upon me asking me  to bring my parents along with me , which I never did.

Fast forward to my 9th standard I don’t remember how I proposed her but I did and before that I already was in relationship with another junior of mine , thanks to my then class teacher who found some stupid love letters I wrote and i had to breakup ( sounds silly I know ) but coming back to my best friend whom I proposed for the second time who went more furious and stopped talking to me untill my 10th.

So finally the final days of schooling , she was still not talking to me at the beginning of our classes , but I don’t know some how I managed to impress her with my stupid jokes which where funny then and we became friends. Good god you​ won’t imagine how I used to flirt with her , but now I know how stupidly I flirted 🙊 anyways I remember this particular incident as I write ⬇️

It was a free period for us , due to some event going on and I remember me ,the girl I proposed ( my best friend ) and another friend sitting and talking about things and I suddenly started flirting with my best friend asking her why she rejected me so many times and I asked her what she wanted saying ” Eiffel Tower chahiye Kya ? ” ( Do you want the Eiffel tower ? ) To which she said yes and I being such an ass pulled out my key chain which was a small toy of Eiffel tower attached to my keychain  and placed it before her to which both she and my other friend bursted out laughing. 

From that day we got really close and she was clear that she wasn’t into a relationship and she liked me more as a best friend ( though she got into relation with some other guy later and broke up ) and here we are now being the best friend goals for some reason. There​’s not even a single thing I don’t share with her . She is possessive about me and I find it cute when she scolds me for not texting her. Though we don’t meet often like we did before as we have our busy life’s we get in touch and I don’t know how but , I can sense if she is sad and low and she can too if I am . We had all our ups and downs like a 💯 times but still are friends and hope we continue to be untill she gets married to some asshole.

This might not be the best and cute best friend story, but for me it is cause it is how I met mine and I found it worth sharing .

Thanks for reading , this is my second blog guys , hope you guys liked it 😃 .

The mesmerizing city of Mangalore 

Mangalore or Mangaluru which people usually prefer to call it , but we Mangaloreans always refer it as namma kudla. Mangalore is a major coastal city in karanataka. The city is famous for its culture ,beaches , food ( you must try the Mangalorean cuisine). The city is surrounded by the Arabian Sea from one side and the mighty Western ghats on other side bordering Kerala by 80km.

I don’t know whether every person might have this feeling or not but we Mangaloreans have a thing for our beloved city , the amount of love we have for City mangalore is too much. I was born and brought up in Hyderabad​ and I visit mangalore once a year or sometimes even twice but still the love I have towards mangalore is unconditional, don’t ask me why I bet no Mangalorean can explain that. 😋

Though mangalore is a developed city , the people here are educated and the literacy rate is 100% the people still follow the religious culture and rituals which were done ages ago like bhootakola , yakashagana , nema etc.. which is very mesmerizing to watch and is a feast to your eyes.

Mangalore is quite a place to hangout , it has many beaches such as someshwara , panambur , thanirbavi etc.. and I must say mangalore is the land of temples you will find some of the oldest temples which where built centuries ago the arts and sculptures will take you back centuries behind. The temples here offer 2 time meals to the devotees who come to the temple , so that no one leaves the holy place hungry . On the other side it has the Western ghats which are just magical blue hills you can go there any weekend to spend some peaceful time camping 

The food ! good Lord you wouldn’t believe me if I told you mangalore has so many different kinds of sea dishes I personally think no other city might have , these recipes are quite old and to this date are every Mangaloreans heart throb , my favorite would be Kori da sar with Kori roti ( chicken curry with rice roti ),  bangude da sar ( fish curry )  and adyaa ( an idly kinda recipe  )

I don’t think I could explain everything in this blog cause there’s so much about  mangalore and the unconditional love we Mangaloreans have towards our city , do visit mangalore I bet you won’t regret 

Anyways this is my first blog hope you guys will like this 

Always a proud Mangalorean 

Thank you 

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